Battle of the Paddle

Meet the Pros…

Who’s ready for Battle of the Paddle?

Join Hickory Point Bank for Battle of the Paddle on Wednesday, September 18 from 7am-1pm in the Champaign Hickory Point Bank parking lot. Battle of the Paddle is a fundraising event for players of all levels, and not a tournament. Below is a list of the “pros” that will be playing in the event on behalf of the  United Way charities. 

Deb Feinen

Brad Dancer
Playing for: United Way

Dan Marker
Playing for United Way
"It's a plane, It's a bird, it's... Dan Marker"
Jason Rector
Playing for: United Way
"If you want a soft serve, go to Dairy Queen"
Jeff Scott
Playing for: YMCA
"I am extremely excited to play in this year’s Battle of the Paddle. As a representative of the YMCA, I will do my best to play for fun, have a good time and respect my opponents. However, I am extremely competitive and I really like to win!"
Jenna Koss

"Live long and play ping pong"
Justin Spring
Playing for: United Way

Kelly Hill
Playing for: Champaign-Urbana Schools Foundation

Laura Weis
United Way Education Fund
"Ping: a short, high pitched ringing sound.....Pong: a strong, unpleasant smell.....Laura playing Ping Pong." .........There will likely be a high pitched ringing sound of my opponent’s yell when she beats me. I will be smelly with defeat. But it is worth it to support the United Way’s Kindergarten Readiness efforts through their Education Fund. Starting our children out with the strongest foundation possible gives them the best chance in life. Please pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me. I know I will not win at ping pong, but I would like to win for our kiddos. "
Lynn Barnes

""Lynne has a mean serve and a back hand that won’t quit!    She is so fast it is hard to see here as she darts back and forth slamming it onto the other side, just over the net!     And she has her own handcrafted paddle…. Now that is a serious ping-ponger. "
Randy Green
Playing for: United Way

Rob Dalhaus
"I would consider myself competent on the ping-pong table but this year, in my rematch with Andy Quarnstrom, I will be stepping my game up and playing in some surprise attire! I'm thinking outside the box this year!"

Salvo Rodriquez
Playing for: United Way
"Game. Set. Match. Next."
Susan Zola
Playing for: United Way Education Fund
"Dr. Zola is dusting off her ping pong skills for this year's Battle. Given the amount of Unit #4 Construction going on I can bet her Ping Pong Paddle is pretty dusty"
Chad Hoffman
Playing for: Habitat for Humanity
"I'm the King Kong of Ping Pong"
Andy Quarnstrom
Playing for: United Way
"I’m excited for a rematch against Rob and fully expect to be victorious this year. I’m not only bringing my A game but I’m adding to the challenge by wearing firefighting gear AND playing using my SCBA"
Jared White
Playing for: Boy Scouts
"I love playing ping pong, with my flex o light ping pong paddle."
Dr. Jennifer Ivory-Tatum

Jill Boland
United Way Education Fund
"I am playing to help raise funds in the education category. Our kids are our future. So many young kids in our community are not at the educational level they should be at, whether it’s reading or writing or counting. With the help of the materials and stability that United Way can provide, we can get them where they need to be. I look forward to battling the paddle with others to help the kids of Champaign County!"
Sue Grey

Dr. Jared Rogers
"I always ‘serve with the greatest care and love’ even when I’m attempting to play Ping-Pong."

Mayor Diane Marlin

Jayne DeLuce

"Playing for Developmental Services Center in honor of my mom, Louise Turpin, who gave countless volunteer hours to this awesome organization -- they support people to live a rich and meaningful life. And my sweet mom gave everything she could to help move the organization forward! "
Tammy Lemke

Sean Baird

"I beat Forst Gump"
Alec Gillespie

Chris Randles

Stephanie Stewart