Cash Management

  • Commercial Online Banking

    Commercial Online Banking

    • 24/7 access to your business accounts online.
    • Check balances, pay bills, confirm deposits, and more.
    • Access your business accounts instantly and securely.


  • Lock Box Processing

    Lock Box Processing

    • Save a step and have customers send their payments to us.
    • Convert accounts receivable to cash more quickly.
    • Maximizes availability of funds, and reduces clerical time.


  • Corporate Credit Cards

    Corporate Credit Cards

    • Low to no annual fees, with benefits available for each card.
    • Easily manage cash flow and track business spending.
    • Conveniently make purchases almost anytime, anywhere.


  • Corporate Capture

    Corporate Capture

    • Make deposits electronically, 24/7, from your home or office.
    • Saves you time — eliminates extra trips to the bank.
    • Secure, state-of-the art technology that's easy to use.


  • ACH Manager

    ACH Manager

    • Secure and fast network used to connect banks to each other.
    • Facilitates processing of direct deposits, transfers, and more.
    • Simplifies making payments and accelerates cash flow.


  • Investment Sweep/Loan Sweep

    Investment Sweep/Loan Sweep

    • Put idle funds to work by investing your excess balances.
    • Funds are automatically swept into an interest-bearing account.
    • Easy, secure way to enhance returns on excess balances.


  • ReSubmitIt Check Collection

    ReSubmitIt Check Collection

    • Reduces the burden of collections and increases recovery rate.
    • Recovers 100% face value of checks collected electronically.
    • Fast, easy-to-use service that reduces manual processing.


  • Merchant Services

    Merchant Services

    • Maximize profits by giving your customers more ways to pay.
    • Adds convenience and efficiency by eliminating check writing.
    • Secure, reliable technology that allows you to increase sales.


  • Positive Pay

    Positive Pay

    • Assists you in deciding whether a check should be accepted.
    • Convenient, automated service that protects your assets.
    • Reduces the chance of check fraud and costs due to losses.


  • Cash Management Resources

    Cash Management Resources

    View our ACH Rules & Updates and Holiday Schedule.