Commercial Lending

Business Term Loans

  • Expand, purchase assets, upgrade equipment, and more
  • Take advantage of competitive fixed or variable interest rates
  • Funds are conveniently provided as an upfront lump sum


Lines of Credit

  • Ideal for working capital or handling seasonal fluctuations
  • Pay interest only on what you use, with no need to re-apply
  • Easily access funds by check or telephone transfer


Construction Loans

  • Take your commercial space from idea to execution
  • Enjoy competitive interest rates and flexible terms
  • Receive personalized service from our local experts


Mortgage Loans

  • Find a new home for your business or invest in income property
  • Enjoy our competitive rates with affordable, monthly payments
  • Central Illinois expertise with all commercial real estate needs


Letters of Credit

  • Guarantee a service or payments on large purchases
  • Receive a letter of credit for at least a 1-year term
  • Fee is based on face value amount of service or purchase