Meet Our Retail Team

At Hickory Point Bank, our team of professionals is ready to help you with everything from the simplest banking needs to the most complex financial challenges. The experience of our  team comes not just from years in the business but also from a passion for service. So come to Hickory Point Bank with all your banking needs—we’ve seen them, and we’ve solved them. Loan Origination Company Identifier # 433956

  • Vice President of Retail, Morgan Nessler, Phone: 217-872-7569 Loan Originator Identifier: 1259497

  • Forsyth & South Shores Branch Manager, Christie Weemer, Phone: 217-872-6376 Loan Originator Identifier: 1155713

  • Downtown, Mt. Zion & ADM Corporate Branch Manager, Lora Sloan,  Phone: 217-872-3975 Loan Originator Identifier: 1155714

  • Champaign, Peoria Heights & Marshall County Branch Manager, TreMayne Joyner, Phone: 217-872-7576 Loan Originator Identifier: 446303

  • Springfield Branch Manager, Jenny Krell,  Phone: 217-547-3607 Loan Originator Identifier: 662892