Mortgage Refinance

It could be a great time for you to refinance your home. At Hickory Point Bank, we make refinancing simple with our expert staff to help guide you through the process.  Refinancing can free up cash by lowering your mortgage payment and help you pay your home off quicker. The following loan scenarios layout what your payment could be at a base interest rate. Contact one of our mortgage lenders below to learn more about today’s great rates and to get started with your refinancing application. Or, visit our digital mortgage application to complete your refinancing application today.


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Mitch Wilson
Loan Officer, Champaign, IL
Loan Originator Identifier: 1718980
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Judy Lourash
Loan Officer, Decatur, IL
Loan Originator Identifier: 1155716
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Nicholas Dossett
Loan Officer, Peoria, IL
Loan Originator Identifier: 1531338
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Josh Johnson
Loan Officer, Springfield, IL
Loan Originator Identifier: 2179360
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