Community Support & Responsibility

Community Support

All the way

We’re invested in Central Illinois for the long haul. For every customer. For every community. For a strong future.

We know that through charitable donations and volunteer efforts, local charities and non-profit organizations can have a positive impact on individuals in need, and improve opportunities for people in the communities we call home.

Our Giving

Hickory Point Bank supports organizations that:

    • Are directly related to education, health and human services, youth programs and community development
    • Help enhance educational opportunities for children, ensuring a brighter future regardless of economic status
    • Provide help to at-risk families in need of financial support to ensure basic human services offered
    • Address basic, core community issues and identify methods to create the changes to meet those needs
    • Produce cost-effective, measureable results
    • Assists with the development of affordable housing including community revitalization and housing preservation
    • Assist in promoting financial education and credit-service information to the community

General criteria

Volunteer Efforts

Hickory Point Bank in Action

  • At Hickory Point Bank investing is who we are, what we are, and why we are.  HPB in Action is about colleagues are shaping our neighborhoods and engaging with our neighbors through community giving and community action. We realize that with our collective efforts, we can make real change happen in the communities in which we work and live.
  • Being socially responsible is the right thing to do for people, and for our Bank by sharing our desire to make our communities better.  We partner with a wide variety of organizations to strengthen our communities, including mentoring, food banks, and financial literacy.