Stock Transfer Services

The expertise of our Stock Transfer Group lies in the experience of our staff. Each person is trained and adheres to SEC and STA regulations related to stock transfer and is sensitive to the needs of the shareholders we serve. Since its inception, Hickory Point Bank Stock Transfer Group has kept the customers we serve as the primary focus of our work. Our clients enjoy the ease of accessibility to our staff. Assistance and expertise are always at hand for you and your shareholders.

Transfer Processing & Account Maintenance

  • Provide transferring of stock (transfer agent and registrar).
  • Provide maintenance of shareholder records.
  • Mail forms W-8/W-9 forms to new accounts – posting taxpayer identification number certifications to FASTOCK system.
  • Mail W-8 forms to foreign shareholders every three years.
  • Mail dividend reinvestment information to new accounts and to existing accounts as requested. Code shareholder accounts for reinvestment.
  • Mail direct deposit information to new accounts and to existing accounts as requested.
  • Code shareholder accounts for direct deposit.
  • Mail year-end tax information to shareholders.

Shareholder Services & Communication

  • Provide Company specific shareholder contact number.
  • Respond to shareholder correspondence/phone calls.
  • Reporting of lost and recovered certificates to the SIC (Securities Information Center).
  • Prepare shareholder listings and labels as requested.

Dividend Disbursement

  • Make payment of cash dividends to the shareholders of record as of the record date by mailing a check, payable to the registered shareholder, to the address of record or mailing address. Dividends are to be funded by the day checks are placed in the mail.
  • Alternatively, upon proper request by a registered shareholder, and provided that funds are available at Hickory Point Bank on or prior to the payment date, make payment in accordance with the instructions provided by the shareholder.
  • File required information returns concerning the payment of dividends and distributions.

Administrative Services

  • Proxy solicitation and tabulation for routine meetings.
  • Support efforts of proxy solicitor.
  • Support efforts of dividend reinvestment plan administrator.
  • Administration of employee stock purchase plan.
  • Administration of a small share repurchase program.
  • Lost shareholder research.
  • Exchange Agent.

Direct Registration System

  • Administration of direct purchase/dividend reinvestment plan.

Trust | Ethics | Confidentiality

  • Hickory Point Bank & Trust has a strict confidentiality policy. No information regarding you or your accounts will be released to anyone without appropriate authorization. Shareholders submitting inquiries regarding their accounts must provide information confirming their identity before information is released.We safeguard information within mailings, including secure envelopes and printing identification numbers only when required by the IRS. Your security and that of your shareholders is important to us and care is taken to safeguard all information.


Services offered by Hickory Point Bank & Trust’s Stock Transfer Department are not FDIC-insured, are not deposits or other obligations of Hickory Point Bank and have no bank guarantee, and are subject to investment risk including possible loss of principal value.