Payroll Cards

For your employees without access to a traditional bank checking account, payroll cards provide employees the ability to receive payroll funds electronically.


  • Payroll checks, state and Federal tax refunds, and child support payments can be directed to the card.
  • Text messages notify the employee of a deposit, withdrawal, purchase or balance on the card.
  • Online budgeting tools allow employees to track spending and review activity on their account.
  • Cards can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Cash can be obtained at most ATMs or by getting cash back at many retailers.


  • Reduce payroll costs including: check stock and storage fees, printing and reconciling payroll checks, overnight mail fees, costs to reissue lost checks and stop payment fees.
  • Increase employee participation in electronic payroll, since employees do not need to have a checking account or be at work to receive their paycheck.
  • Eliminate the need for employees to leave work early or wait in long lines to cash or deposit their paycheck on payday.
  • Enhance employee satisfaction by offering convenient and less costly methods for employees to receive their pay.
  • Convenience of debit cards for those employees unable to obtain one.