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Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a great way to move money quickly and inexpensively. Manage and automate transactions for direct deposit of payroll, expense reimbursement or transfer funds between financial institutions. Hickory Point Bank provides flexible options along with expert staff to assist in the implementation and support of your program, including both the technical and practical aspects of using the ACH network.


  • Direct Deposit of Payroll – Submit transactions to be posted the morning of pay day for each of your employees no matter where they bank.
  • Cash Concentration – Pull money from bank accounts at other financial institutions to save the expense and time of using checks to make transfers.
  • Pay your suppliers, vendors, and employees and reduce costs of disbursing funds. Send payments electronically to your vendors or use our ACH software to include information about specific invoices that are being paid with each transaction.
  • Easily build databases using templates. Ability to date ACH batches so entries can be warehoused for up to 30 days in the future.


  • Reduce manual systems and costly handling functions while streamlining accounting operations.
  • Create more predictable cash flow.
  • Reduce paper disbursement costs, lost checks, and fraud expense.
  • Increase payee satisfaction through prompt payment and improved tracking.