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Planning & Investing

Let us help preserve everything you’ve worked hard for in the past--so you can count on a more secure future.

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Planning & Investing

We are invested in protecting and preserving your wealth, for when you need it and how you want to use it.

Nearing Retirement

Do you know how much income you need your assets to generate once you retire?

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Living in Retirement

Once you’ve retired, managing your money is more important than ever. During your retirement years, your personal goals and situation — as well as the economic environment — are likely to shift. These changes require careful scrutiny, perhaps resulting in adjustments related to your goals, your portfolio or both.

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Investing for Retirement

The main benefit of starting early is to take advantage of compounding interest. Compounding interest allows you to earn interest on both the principal you invest and the interest you earn – potentially enabling you to turn a small sum into a substantial one over time.

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The Trust and Wealth Management division currently holds in excess of $354 million in assets with $80 million in assets under management. We offer integrity, experience and peace of mind to our clients. We are invested in protecting and preserving your wealth, for when you need it and how you want to use it.

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IRA Test

Take the One Minute IRA Test to find out if you retirement is secure.

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Trust Services

We provide professional estate settlement services. As a corporate fiduciary we will strictly abide by the elements of the Will without being swayed by interpersonal family issues. In other words, we make things easy.

Trust Services

Asset Management

Drawing upon our sources of research and analysis we manage your financial assets proactively given a predefined set of parameters including income needs, desires for growth and tolerance for risk.

Employee Retirement Plans

How can our Employee Retirement Planning help your company? Choosing a retirement plan for your company is one of the most important business decisions you’ll make. It will affect your future, your employees’ futures, and the future of your company. It will also affect your ability to recruit, and keep, good people. But it can also be one of the most difficult business decisions you’ll make – unless you have help. That’s where Hickory Point Bank enters the picture. We’ll work with you from the planning stage, during set-up, and by providing ongoing support, making the process as easy as possible.


You work hard for your money. Invest it wisely with an IRA from HPB. Our IRAs allow you to save towards retirement, rewarding your efforts with competitive rates on a variety of terms. Whether you’re looking to start or to transfer an IRA from another institution, our experienced staff can help.

Stock Transfer Services

The expertise of our Stock Transfer Group lies in the experience of our staff. Each person is trained and adheres to SEC and STA regulations related to stock transfer and is sensitive to the needs of the shareholders we serve. Since its inception, Hickory Point Bank Stock Transfer Group has kept the customers we serve as the primary focus of our work. Our clients enjoy the ease of accessibility to our staff. Assistance and expertise are always at hand for you and your shareholders.