Re$ubmitIt® Check Collection

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Hickory Point Bank’s electronic check recovery service significantly reduces the burden of collections, while potentially doubling your recovery rate. You collect more returned checks and get 100% of the face value of all checks collected electronically. Re$ubmitIt® handles the collection process discreetly from beginning to end via ACH for re-presentment directly to the check writer’s bank account.


  • Recovers 100% of the face value of all checks collected electronically
  • Increases collection rates
  • Recovers items more quickly
  • Reduces cost of manual processing
  • Provides on-line collection status 24/7
  • Allows you to focus on serving customers, not collections

For more information about Hickory Point Bank’s Re$ubmitIt® electronic check recovery service, please call the Client Services Department at 217.875.3131.